An Exclusive Talk With Bina Antiek Furniture - Antique Reproduction Furniture Exporter

Among various furniture manufacturer from Indonesia which consistently export to the whole world, Jepara is known by its  highly productivity of furniture. As the country which is rich of wooden resources, Indonesian craftsmen, especially from Jepara were trained well in how to make beautiful furnitures along with its functions. Each furniture manufacturer trying to producing their best quality whether from its special designs nor furniture material’s quality.

For some people who loves collecting furniture, antique furniture is one of furniture products that oftenly hunted. This traditional furniture style is also known with other similar types such as French furniture, or antique reproduction. There are several craftsmen in Jepara produce that kinds of furniture. Such as Bina Antiek, more than 17 years running furniture business which has exported its products through many countries in the world. This furniture company has specialize in antique reproduction furniture and colonial furniture style. All furniture products are carved by skilled craftsman and produces fine quality furniture products.

“We only focused in export furniture. We have been exporting our products to many countries, especially to Europe and America where consistently repeat order in every month” Zazuli, the owner of Bina Antiek said, when asked by team about furniture’s market. He also explains what kinds of furniture that produced by Bina Antiek, so that products to be able to penetrate the export market. Recently, Bina Antiek launched their new product “White and Iron Furniture”. So, what makes their products different from other furniture manufacturer are the main concept is using recycle wood materials such as, natural recycle pines and recycle teak with by accentuating the aura of wood.

“How could Bina Antiek succeed by only running the export company? ” that kinds of question usually often comes in our mind. “We’ve joined Indonesia Product Global Group more than 17 years, and was grateful since promoted by them through the website, we regularly get buyers from abroad as we expected”, Zazuli said. From that lines, the owner of Bina Antiek is very appreciate of digital marketing because it could be a bridge between producer and buyer with ease. He also told why Bina Antiek  decide to join in Indonesia Product Global Group is because they proven focus on Indonesian products and actually promote abroad. This is what is required by all businesses in Indonesia's economic growth nowadays.

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02 Feb 2017