Batik Bag Aesthetics And How to Take Care

Maybe for some people batik clothes are common, but batik bags may not be known by most people. In the craftsmen hands, batik transformed into a beautiful bag and has high art. Of course this can also add to the selling price of the fabric itself.

When batik cloth has been transformed into a bag, it will get a high selling value compared to just selling a piece of batik cloth. Therefore, many batik cloth sellers switch to batik bag craftsmen, given the higher profits. We appreciate batik products because we need to know that this batik bag has penetrated the international market. This is something happy for Indonesia and we should give appreciation to the craftsmen who manage batik materials. Many models are produced by craftsmen. Various models of bags made by craftsmen have indeed stolen consumer interest. Craftsmen will usually produce the latest models and motifs.

After buying a Batik bag, we will certainly take good care of it. Caring for batik bags properly and correctly is something we need to do to keep our favorite batik bags always good looking worn and durable. Don't because wrong care, our favorite batik bag looks faded. Moreover, if the batik bag that we have is made of high quality batik cloth which is rare in the market, never let it damaged.

Caring for batik bags require some special treatment that different from the other bags. This is because the characteristic of batik cloth needs special care so that the color of batik cloth always good, not fade and durable. In principle, avoid the risk of batik bags being stained or dusty.

We can keep our beloved batik bags by storing them well and neatly when we don't use them, like bags in general. Make sure the batik bag is protected by storing it in a flannel cloth or plastic to protect the bag's material and color from damaged. Don't forget to fill the bag with clean paper or plastic to keep the shape of the bag when stored, and give a few small packs of silica gel to reduce moisture.

In addition to keeping our batik bags durable, be careful if we want to spray something even more made from chemicals (perfume, fabric fragrance, etc.). Batik cloth has a quite sensitive feature, especially silk batik fabric. One of our faults for something can give a damage to the batik motif.

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10 Jul 2019