Batik Lesoeng The Authentic Ponorogo Batik

Ponorogo is not only famous for the Reog traditional dance, but also has its own Batik with special distinctive style. Ponorogo Batik had sunk and vanished from the market after its heyday in the 1960s. It because all regencies in East Java produce Batik with similar to Ponorogo typical Batik pattern. Beside, the young people are reluctant to learn and practice Batik. Since UNESCO established Batik as an authentic Indonesian world heritage, this is a breath of fresh air for Batik makers in Ponorogo area that have been vacant for a long time.

"BATIK LESOENG" has etablished in 2009 to revive Batik in Ponorogo and repeat the history of the glory of Ponorogo Batik the 20th century. Ponorogo Batik is a golden inheritance from ancestors that must be maintained for the common good.

Ponorogo Batik is divided into two; Ponorogo Classic Batik and Ponorogo Contemporary Batik. Ponorogo Classic Batik has a dark color using flora and fauna motifs on the earth. The motif is the background of ireng reog, sekar jagad, djarot asem, klitik, etc. Ponorogo Batik also has motifs of peacock which are obtained from Reog art, which is an art icon in Ponorogo. The motive is peacock, romantic peacock and Batik reog. Whereas for contemporary Batik, it has abstract motifs and colorful. One of the famous Contemporary Batik in Ponorogo is Batik Lesoeng. Lesoeng Batik gives a different impression to be more attractive to buyers. This is because at the beginning of its creation this batik was inspired by the Ponorogo reog art which often uses the color of peacocks. The specialty of this Batik is the motif produced is not always same. Lesoeng Batik is a Ponorogo original Batik that will build the glory of Ponorogo Batik again.

The characteristics of authentic Ponorogo Lesoeng Batik, is in the abstract style so that it is difficult to imitate by other Batik artisans. The line on Lesoeng Batik is bumpy. Meanwhile, for the color of the Batik is taken from Reog Ponorogo which is known as its brightness. What is unique about Lesoeng Batik is the craftsmen make their shirts before they are colored or painted. So, this is what makes the selling value of Ponorogo typical Lesoeng Batik soar on the market. Batik Lesoeng has been famous in Ponorogo for 5 years but has become famous in Jakarta lately.

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01 Feb 2019