Business Hacks: Nowadays's Business Opportunity To Try

These days on amid the trend of rising prices for goods, relying on a mere monthly salary, it feels increasingly inadequate. No wonder if many people were end up trying to start a side business.


In the midst of the era of internet technology advances that provide many conveniences, including in finding prospective business opportunities nowadays. Everyone could research and find out more business opportunities that are promising. So, before jumping in, everyone could estimate how the market first, how much capital needs, and others.


There are various ways to realize business planning. in fact, when you want to shop for investment or capital needs to support your business, you just need to open the internet to find out which stores provide those needs, either through the marketplace or business directory. All convenience will be useless if you do not use it optimally.


Here are some of the following types of businesses are expected to be a source of reference, especially for those who are still beginners and want to start their careers in the field of small businesses but have the potential to bring big income.


  1. Franchise business

Willing to start a business but are constrained by a lack of ideas, too much trouble building a system, there is no marketing experience? You can consider trying a franchise business.


By buying franchise licence, you can simply spend capital on franchise license fees and leasing business premises. As for marketing strategies, building a business system, usually already provided by franchisees.

There are many choices for attractive franchise businesses. Starting from culinary franchises like Sushi, barbershop or hair barber franchises, to beauty salon franchises. You just live with passion, capital is also the most promising market.


  1. Online Business

There are already many people who do online business, even celebrities seem not to be outdone and join in doing online business. Lets take the advantage of internet to reach markets and earn maximum income. This type of business can be started with small capital, the most important thing is to have online facilities and internet access.


Online businesses can be various, as you know. Starting from selling by utilizing marketplace sites such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, B2B Marketplace Indonesia Product and so on, you can also open your own business online by utilizing social media as a storefront.


  1. Handmade

Do you have knitting skills? Or often make crafts such as painting bags, sewing, making children's educational books? Why don't you just use it as a side business. Many success stories of a business that originated from a hobby.

Creative businesses like this have the opportunity to survive because the products produced are classified as unique, exclusive. You can use social media as a marketing channel. Just so you know, if the product you make is classified as attractive, people won't be reluctant to pay dearly, you know.

  1. Homemade Cake By Order

The homemade cake business by order is one business that you can also consider. Wow, what if you can't cook? Do not worry. You can invite friends or relatives or even your mother who is good at baking alias baking to join.

Just make a collaboration with a cake-making partner, while you are acting as a financier and marketer. Ordered lots of cakes, how come, those who are looking for. Especially if you can display the characteristics and price of an okay price. Take advantage of social media channels like Instagram and Facebook as storefronts and effective marketing.


The target market can be coworkers in the office, neighbors who might hold a celebration of whether it is a birthday or a child's birthday. Don't worry about prospects. Business about the stomach does not know the word crisis, you know.

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27 Mar 2019