provides solutions how to distribute CSR funds with effective, right, and appropriate. For all banking institutions and big company in Indonesia who have CSR funds to sponsor activity through exhibition, especially SME exhibition are allowed to hold win-win deal cooperation with With this partnership, CSR funds are not only useful at one time but for the whole year promoted, for the wider market reach and for the more effective ways to realizing Indonesia SME go digital!.

Why every BUSINESS need ONline promotion ?

  • By choosing online promotion, business owners can easily open their business and promote their business for 24 hours a day and 365 days / year.
  • Long-term promotion impact with wider market reached that is all over Indonesia and around the world.
  • By utilizing the internet maximally, Indonesian products will be increasingly known throughout the world with low cost and more efficient than the conventional way, for example: exhibition.

Who is eligible for CSR funds?

The most appropriate CSR targets in the present are: SMEs

SMEs need to be helped to become big and SME businesspeople are the backbone of the country that can survive in any situation. So that SME business can save the condition of the Indonesian economy and have the endurance to survive from the world economic crisis even the economy is still growing from year to year.

So it is expected from this SME business can become bigger business with the addition of capital so that SMEs will be more moving with dynamic and getting bigger from year by year.

SMEs continue to grow in Indonesia from year by year, along with Indonesia's high economic growth.

Potential SMEs are very large and able to create jobs in large numbers. This is a great opportunity and has tremendous economic potential.

How it works?

CSR funds are really promoted to SMEs for 1 full year in virtual world through Thus, CSR funds are really useful for the long term for SME businesses so that corporate responsibility to the public interest can be realized through the implementation of CSR programs that are sustainable and directly impact on aspects of community life.


You are worth to be partnered with, if you are..

BANKING agencies and Big Company that have CSR funds to sponsor activity through exhibition, usually SME exhibition are allowed be part of's official partner. Make it sure! Your CSR funds are flowing in the right focus and bring great benefits to the environment growth!

The things you should consider if you are partnered with

  1. With virtual promotion in, it provides long-term impact and can reach a wider market that is all over Indonesia and around the world
  2. has a filter strategy and focus for a more appropriate target market
  3. Having more than 20 business promotional support websites by category to enable potential buyers from around the world to find suppliers from Indonesia
  4. Each segment of has a supporting web respectively so as to help boost its sales
  5. In all major countries, companies advertise to digital. The most effective promotion is to join the Online Directory Portal because it is the most segmented and one of them is !!
    There is no time limit (1x24 hours for 365 days to worldwide).
  6. If you join in, the company will get a special price for "member gold" as well as get the completeness of features offered by which will be profitable for SME business in Indonesia.

Benefits of Distribute CSR funds to SMEs through

By joining, enables people educated about promotion in virtual world can open a wider opportunity, one of which is a SME businessman can export abroad.

If you join in, the company will get a special price for "member gold" as well as get the completeness of features offered by which will be profitable for the UKM business in Indonesia.

Descriptive domain name web in accordance with the contents of the website that is The right place for SME businessmen who want to market their business products to get more segmented target market. can be a TRUSTED partner for the development of SMEs in Indonesia.

Together with, SME businesses can reach business success and improve the welfare of Indonesian society.

By collaborating with, it can differentiate the company with its competitors by channeling some of CSR's funds into virtual promotions that have a huge and long-term impact for the entrepreneurs.

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