Expo Properti 2019


The property market will rise again in 2019. External economic pressures have begun to decline, as have the Indonesian Government, also issued various monetary and fiscal policies to strengthen the foundation of the domestic economy. So that many developers are starting to prepare their newest products, as well as people are starting to look at various investment products to disburse funds that were originally conventionally labeled. In line with the enthusiasm above, CPA took part in enlivening the stretch of Indonesian property growth in 2019 by holding a Property Exhibition which hopes to become a forum to bring developers together with the community in helping to find the best and most profitable housing. For developers who want to market their property products, both located in East Java and outside Java, as well as residential locations overseas, please join our exhibition.


Sat January 26, 2019
To: Sun - February 3, 2019
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City of Tomorrow (CITO)

Jl. Ahmad Yani No.288, Dukuh Menanggal, Gayungan

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