Lomba Foto Kementerian Koperasi & UKM RI 2018


Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Republic of Indonesia again held a photography competition in order to anniversary # KemenkopUKMke-71. The theme of this competition is: "Innovation of Creative Cooperative and Young Creative SMEs". This photo contest is open to the public, for those of you who feel Indonesian citizens can participate in this race. Competitors are free of charge. General requirements: Open to every citizen of Indonesia. No competition for KemenkopUKM employees. The capture of the photo should be in accordance with the theme. Delivery of photographs with self-identity (KTP / SIM / Student Card / Student Card). The photo works are annotated explaining the contents of the photo. The work of the photo is the work / production from January 1st to June 23rd, 2018 and has never been included in the race of its kind. Participants are declared void if found to be in violation of the terms and conduct fraud. The decision of the jury is absolutely inviolable. #KemenkopUKM is entitled to fully use the work of photos submitted to the committee for the purposes of publication and promotion of the organizers. The deadline for submission of photographs of June 23, 2018. Photographs emailed to: lombafotoukm2018@gmail.com Winner Announcement July 6, 2018 Special Conditions: Single / single photo concept. Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 photographs. The photo format as follows: The longest side is at least 3000 pixel file format: JPG Resolution of at least 300 dpi, file size 1.5 / 2Mb per photo Photo editing is only allowed for basic editing (such as: brightness / contrast, levels, cropping and hue saturation) No more than 10% of the original photo allowed).


Phone: 1500587

Website: http://depkop.go.id

Mon January 1, 2018
To: Sat - June 23, 2018
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