Are you one part of Event Organizer or Exhibition Partner wich regularly exhibit a big event to connecting many trading business members by offline? If you one of them, have you know how to attract business people join as exhibitor effectively? Now is the time for every Event Organizer to let exhibitor really feel the impact that will surprised them along the year after joining the exhibition with more modern benefits by offline & online!

As its main project, an Event Organizer held wide range of exhibition which in its implementation requires venue with limited days to exhibit, the presence of digital era as if completing the performance of an Event Organizer. Offline exhibition today will reach its high top of long year promotion with provides digital marketing as one of benefits to the exhibitors. Starting from now, an Event Organizer could make it simpler, more modern and new innovation with joining as's real partner. Lets prove it!

Why this partnership a BIG WIN for all ?

BOTH in PROMOTION BUSINESS (offline and online). We are in the same line of business, one online and one offline. Event Organizer has a few biggest exhibitions in Indonesia. is the STRONGEST digital promotion media. We are no #1 in internet promotion directory.

We ADD Value! Event Organizer (EO) attract local exhibitors and visitors. can give much better exposure to overseas visitors as our portal visited by all trade buyers from all over the world! One local and one international.

By joining can educate and open the minds of people that doing promotion in virtual world can open a wider opportunity, one of which is a SME businessman can export abroad.

If you join in, the company will get a special price for "member gold" as well as get the completeness of features offered by which will be profitable for SME business in Indonesia.

How it works?

Event Organizer become an Official partner in offline media promotion for

Offer's membership package to customers or exhibitors

Enable an Event Organizer offers each exhibitor (registered member of the exhibition organized by the EO) will be also promoted via digital promotion via


You are worth to be partnered with, if you are..

an Event Organizer which supports trading business, especially Indonesia SME, let you be part of real partner. Doing business in the digital era is easier than you think! Do it right now!


The things you should consider if you are partnered with

  1. With virtual promotion in, it provides long-term impact and can reach a wider market that is all over Indonesia and around the world
  2. has a filter strategy and focus for a more appropriate target market
  3. Having more than 20 business promotional support websites by category to enable potential buyers from around the world to find suppliers from Indonesia
  4. Each segment of has a supporting web respectively so as to help boost its sales
  5. In all major countries, companies advertise to digital. The most effective promotion is to join the Online Directory Portal because it is the most segmented and one of them is !!
    There is no time limit (1x24 hours for 365 days to worldwide).

The advantages of being’s Official Partner

  • With virtual exhibitions in, there is no need to spend up to hundreds of millions but can be promoted to OVERSEAS (230 countries) for 24 hours / day, a year non-stop!
  • Reseller Cooperation 50:50 shares margin sharing
  • Wider market reached with potential buyer for exhibitor!


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