Author Topic: Looking For Thick Wood Slab Live Edge Table Wholesaler In Bali  (Read 4038 times)



Hello, my name is Evan.   I have recently started a store for imported furniture from Bali, Unlike many of the import stores our focus will be 80% tables and 20% other.  The type of tables that I specialize in are live edge thick tables.  I am currently unhappy with my vendor in Java and am looking for different option in the area.   We may have an opportunity to purchase a shipment prior to making it back out to Bali to source products.  The tables that we are mainly looking at are large thick live edge dining tables and cucumber cut coffee tables.  We also would like wooden balls used for various design concepts.  A few qualifications that we would need from you are:  for the wood to be Kiln dried, custom designs and the ability to fill large orders relatively quickly  If you are interested in helping us would you be so kind as to price out a large order for us?
 Please email me back with your company details, website or pictures of some of your work.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Evan [nonactive]