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Indoor Teak Furniture Manufacturer From Sukoharjo - Central Java


Indoor Teak Furniture

Basically, furniture made from wood that can be shaped into many designs. You should know some types of furniture that you are not confused to determine the best furniture for your home. Several types of furniture are Contemporary Furniture which has the latest design. So, it is usually suitable for modern homes. The Colonial Furniture which has a rather old-fashioned design but it has a strong character.

You can also choose the Leather Furniture which made from various kinds of leather so it has a smooth texture. The most popular choice is Rustic Furniture because it has high artistic value. You really need a good idea to determine the furniture in your house.

Company Address:

Head Office : Jl. Solo Daleman 41, Baki, Sukoharjo, 57556, Solo, Indonesia
Telephone : +62-271-623231, 623232
Facsimile : +62-271-623233
Website :
E-mail :


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