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Welcome to Pashiga Bali!

Rattan is becoming people's choice of furniture to decorate their home. Because, it originality come from the tropical palm tree that growth upward like a tree. Where to find it? it is in Pashiga Bali Rattan which is manufacturer and exporter indonesian rattan.

Pashiga Bali is  a manufacturer and exporter  wicker & rattan furniture and rattan synthetic as well as available. It is located at Ubud, Bali. It is very easy to find us.   As the  place is a central marketing for all export products  in Bali. Our stylish range are living set, dinning set, bed, dining chair, arm chair, lazy chair  sofa, table, bed, rack,  etc. Our collections are unique and made by high quality material  : rattan, wicker, seagrass, banana, water hyacinth, rattan core, rattan peel, synthetic rattan, etc. Our product is unique and made by high quality material. We always produce new designs every month. For more information, Please contact us.

Pashiga Bali Rattan
Address: Jl. Raya Mas 45 Ubud – Gianya – Bali
   Ubud Bali 20888 Indonesia
Phone: 62-361-976412
Fax: 62-361-9764412
Contact: Wayan Nuka/ Manage