Author Topic: Glass Furniture: Make Your Home Look Cool Like the Atmosphere of North Pole  (Read 550 times)


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Today the glass fills the human houses – accessories, furniture, domestic appliances are embodied in glass. Glass meets all principles of the present century interior – it is visually opened, connected with nature and ecological. Glass easily combines with other materials – both natural and artificial and is suitable for any styles. The furniture of glass does not encumber the space but on the contrary move its borders apart reflecting the furniture.

The modern glass is a reliable material; it is additionally processed. Things for home are usually made of tempered, laminated (triplex) and even armored glass that make almost any item of interior of glass to be absolutely safe.

But it is necessary to be very careful with glass from the esthetical point of view. Glass is very cold material therefore the indispensable companions of glass furniture are pillows and plaids. The glass décor is always necessary to warm with everything what can seem warm – wood, leather, textile.

What can be done glass in the house? Let’s start from furniture. We can sit on the curved glass plate, keep clothes behind the glass sliding-door of the wardrobe or in the glass chest, sleep on the bed with the glass stand, eat and work at the glass table.

The nice variant is a coffee table with the transparent table top and additional niche under it where it is possible to place a bunch of flowers, fruits, sea shells, stones or potpourri. The glass table top is interesting both in the dining and work fulfillment. The legs can be made of any material: forged metal, chrome, aluminum, steel, wicker, gilded bronze and even very fashionable now black wood.

You can purchase the wardrobe or clothing cabinet with transparent doors looking like the window of the shop. It is possible to supplement the interior with the mysterious screen of mat glass laconically detaching some intimate corner of the room.

For the effect you can add the transparent accents. The glass balls and beads, some glass vases of various shape and color, glass candlesticks with immobilized in them natural flowers, insects and plants, glass sculptures and frames for pictures.

The next step is the curved glass furniture which today becomes a fashionable tendency. Not only armchairs, tables and chairs but also bookstands, coat racks, bars, cabinets, etageres became glass.

The glass bathroom equipment can be the final point. The glass shower cubicle, glass bath, wash basin and holders for towels – all these of the background of mirror walls – make the interior of your bathroom visually endless.

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