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Keramik Diamond Industries - East Java
| January 27, 2016, 08:48:39 AM
PT Keramik Diamond Industries, known as "Keramik Diamond", is one of the major ceramic tile producers in Southeast Asia. It began operations in 1978, and is located in a 24-hectare compound at Gresik, near Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

Keramik Diamond takes pride in its founding mission: i.e. Professional Management, Consistent Quality and Value for Money.

The company is wholly committed to maintaining professionalism in its business management. This becomes evident to any factory visitor, as this is seen put to practice at every level of management and operation.

In the ceramic tile business, the concept of continuity is very important. To assure customers that they can receive tiles produced and graded consistently, Keramik Diamond accessed its quality management system in September 1995 and subsequently received ISO 9002 certification. In 1999, this certification was upgraded to ISO 9001.

Change and development is a continuous process in order to compete in the global market. Our R&D is always trying to produce better and cheaper tiles. These benefits are then passed onto the consumers. Furthermore, there is continual development of new designs, aided with the best computer technology and global information.

Keramik Diamond also takes pride in its ability to support its customers on construction projects. Having the ability to produce both floor and wall tiles with sizes ranging from 100mm x 100mm to 500mm x 500mm, enables its clients to bid for projects on the commercial sector.

Contact Us :
Corporate Headquarters
PT. Keramik Diamond Industries
Jl. Semeru, Bambe, Kec. Driyorejo, Gresik 61177
PO Box 1368, Surabaya 60013, Indonesia
Phone    :    +62-31-766 2581 , 766 6151
Fax       :    +62-31-766 2580 , 766 6155
Domestic Area         :
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