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GUDEG, Local Culinary From Jogja
| January 27, 2016, 03:47:40 PM

Jogjakarta is already known as gudeg city for most Indonesian. If you read or googling, hundreds people missed the gudeg. They love gudeg so much! If they go to Jogja, the first thing that may want to taste is gudeg.

Gudeg known as local food from Jogja, made from young jackfruit cooked with santan and kluwak for 2 hours in a big pot. Santan is water got from extract coconut and kluwak is local flavor. Sometimes the pot made from metal or clay. People say that the gudeg cooked on clay pot gets different taste, more well-done and characteristic on the aroma smells nice. Every gudeg cookers have their secret recipes; have been passed down from generation to generation. In Jogjakarta, there is a famous Kampong Wijilan which gudeg has being made on traditional way by firewood and clay pots. The other gudeg may find in Solo Street, Maliboro, Alun-alun Lor, Kaliurang Street, etc. Almost big streets on Jogjakarta have their own gudeg sellers.   

Tasty.gudeg will be out of this world if served with hot rice, vegetable, egg, chicken and krecek. Krecek is fried condiment mixing with santan and tempe. Tempe is local food made from fermentation of soya bean. Uncommon from the other gudeg, the gudeg mercon is spicier because of lots peppers and chilies add on. It made gudeg looks oily, redness and thick.

You can find gudeg early in the morning, at 5pm - 8 pm, being a favourite breakfast menu. Sometimes gudeg seller also open at 0.00am until 4am everyday. So it will be an early breakfast if you get there. Costumers are not served by luxury place ambience, as restaurant or fast food, but just sit at the pedestrian or at little chairs front of the food. During eat the gudeg, you can sit around with the seller or everyone come there. Some sellers has been selling gudeg from tens years ago. Take a chit chat with the seller, you'll find amazing stories behind the gudeg.

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