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Black Diamond Engagement Rings - Unusual and Exotic
| February 11, 2016, 03:10:38 PM

Black Diamond Meaning

Generally, people associate the "Black" color with death and grief. However, black is also identified with authority, power, strength, certainty and passion. So, it will not be wrong to say, a black engagement ring is the mark of couple's love and passion, and strength of their commitment.
However, conventional approach is, when someone contemplates engagement ring, the first picture that flashes in mind is that of a white diamond solitaire engagement ring. General perception is that, diamond engagement ring means classic and graceful white (or colorless) diamond ring only.

But then there are folks nowadays having knack of treading adventurous path. They don't hesitate in epitomizing their love in a unique and distinct manner, and are trendsetters in their own right. They want their expression of love to be a bit dramatic and exceptional. These trailblazers wish to have all these features and qualities associated with their engagement ring.
So, why not have a black diamond ring! After all black diamond offers an intriguing and sophisticated alternative to the traditional white diamond and gemstone engagement rings.

Is black diamond really "black"?

Diamond is found in many colors - like pink, yellow, blue etc. Black diamond is not exactly black, rather it's numerous dark inclusions and microscopic deposits of sulfides in the stone that impart dark color to it. Most naturally occurring black diamonds are not uniformly black, instead have a greyish appearance.

However, the black diamond that we see in market is solid in color and is almost opaque. The solid black color is rendered to dark-colored diamond using color enhancement technique. Due to solid black color, there is no refraction of light (like, other fancy colored diamonds), so diamond appears opaque. However having said that, black diamond has its unique shine.

Will it suit my personality?

Why not! If you are a confident lady, want things to be in your control and have a bold and uncommon fondness, then Yes of course!

Black diamond is absolutely for you, if you like the aura of mystery and charm, and don't fear experimenting new stuffs in your life. If you want your engagement ring to spell out sophistication and style, then go for a black diamond engagement ring.

Is black diamond affordable?

Yes, black diamond is definitely cheaper than a white diamond. Its price can vary great deal on factors like - color, cut, and carat. Whether the stone is natural or color-enhanced, plays a major role in determining the price of black diamond.

Color enhanced stone is cheaper than a natural black colored diamond, and in market you will mostly find color-enhanced black diamonds with uniform black color.

What about durability?

Black diamond is as hard as any other diamond. So, a black diamond ring is as durable as a white diamond ring. However, excessive inclusions in a black diamond make it little brittle as compared to a colorless diamond, making it vulnerable to chip. Nevertheless, a black diamond ring is perfectly suitable for daily wear, and it don’t abrade or wear down easily.

Should I propose with black diamond engagement ring?

Yes, of course! If you believe in your love and don’t let people’s opinion rule you, then why not! Are you driven by passion and stand by your decision? Do you like to define your own path and don’t follow what others are doing? If you answered "yes", then follow your heart if it’s pushing you towards black diamond engagement ring.

The best part is, black diamond engagement ring is suitable for both males and females. Yes, it looks pretty when worn by bride and at the same time looks quite masculine when donned by groom. So, if both of you are loving and adventurous, then black diamond engagement ring will surely suit your taste and persona.

How to choose a Black Diamond Ring?

You must give consideration to following questions while choosing a black diamond ring. I am sure this should help you in picking a better buy.

Which shape to go for?
As black diamonds do not refract light, they are generally cut round, oval or square. These shapes do justice to the solid deep black color and look best as solitaire in black engagement rings.

Which will be the best setting for my black engagement ring?

This is a very genuine query. Usually, while setting any other gem or diamond, it’s important to examine passage of light to enable refraction and reflection of light to take place. This is done to ensure gem sparkles at its best.

However, black diamond being opaque and passage of light through it not as important, so it has very few setting limitations and is quite flexible. Black diamond rings look wonderful when set in prong, pave or channel setting.

In a black diamond ring, center stone is generally black diamond accented with small white diamonds. The wonderful play of contrast between black and white creates a unique element of charm. This is also the reason why a black diamond ring is commonly set in white gold or platinum, as white tone augment well with intense black diamonds.

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