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Bali is interesting because of its culture, religion and the beauty of its panorama. Located in between Java Island and Lombok Island, Bali became one of favorite tourist destination in Indonesia because of its uniqueness of culture, and the beauty of its panorama. Besides providing many choices of tourism locations, tourists can also find many industrial places in Bali such as handicraft industry.

One of handicraft industry in Bali which is very popular is Bali silver jewelry. It is called Bali silver jewelry because it is made of silver and it is designed in Bali style such as leaves, roots, flowers, or animals. The process of Bali silver making is complicated, using simple tools, and most of them are handicraft. By combining Bali culture which is very unique, it makes Bali silver jewelry different from the other silver jewelries. The model and pattern which are various can be found in many kinds of handicraft. Bali silver handicraft has thick shape and clear motive which is combined with its culture. The production of Bali silver jewelry is still traditional but it can result identic and unique shape which needs long process. Therefore, it makes sense if there are many tourists who want Bali silver jewelry since it has its own uniqueness and specialty.

Bali Silver Luxuriant Jewelry is one of manufacturers and wholesalers Bali silver in Ubud that has various kind of sterling silver jewelry. It carry only the best quality and authentic Bali sterling expressed from its design, style and also material. Many item from Indonesia silver harmony balls, chains, bangles, beads, body piercing, bracelets, brooches, earrings, jewelry sets, necklaces, pendants, rings, rosaries made of from tiaras, gemstone, pearl, gold, silver, stone, beads, bronze, platinum, pewter, tin and other Bali jewelry at unbeatable wholesale prices and handmade by artisans in Bali and exceptional in detail and quality.

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