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Creative Ways to Use Topaz in Jewelry
| February 26, 2016, 01:50:56 PM
By: Stephanie White

In today's tough economic times, most people don't  have the same budget that they used to have.  Not only have people had to cut back on the essential items, but the extra type items have definitely taken a back seat.  Items that have taken the backseat are things like jewelry and expensive accessories.  Well if you have noticed, handmade beaded jewelry is definitely in these days as most fashion magazines show a model or celebrity wearing it.

Beaded jewelry has really taken off because people are able to make it themselves and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and design.  Many people like to use their birthstone when making these types of bracelets and necklaces to give the pieces special meanings.  One such birthstone is especially popular.  Topaz is the birthstone from the month of November and is used in many beaded jewelry creations.  Why is Topaz so popular?

The main reason is because of the look that Topaz has.  This type of birthstone has a very clean and clear look as you can see through it.  This is fun to make a part of a beaded jewelry piece as you can have shiny little Topaz beads that not only reflect light, but give some dimension and depth to your beaded jewelry creation.   This look is very popular as the Topaz beads usually come in the color blue, but can also come in other colors such as red, gold, and green.  With all of these different types of colors to choose from, it is easy to find the right Topaz beads to be able to match the outfit or look you are wanting to achieve.

Another reason why Topaz beaded jewelry is such a hot item is because of the cut of the beads.  Topaz is usually cut into very pentagonal shapes which give it many flat surfaces.  These flat surfaces do a fantastic job reflecting light which gives the Topaz a blingy feel.  This shimmer makes the jewelry look much more expensive than it really is as it glistens in most light settings.  Most people like having the appearance of wealth without having to spend the money, and Topaz is one of those secret birthstones that can give off that type of appearance.

As you can see, beaded jewelry is getting more and more popular as people are saving money by creating their own pieces.  When pairing up beaded jewelry with the November birthstone Topaz, many people find the look they have been craving to pair with any outfit or accessory.

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