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There is many handmade of Jonegoroan Batik here. You can choose your favorite handwriting or printing batik typically Jonegoroan with many colors and motifs in export quality. The home of Sang Engon Njono Puro is located in Jono Village, Bojonegoro, East Java. This workshop supplies Jonegoroan batik clothes and fabrics with unique set of 14 motifs there are gotro renounce, sekar jati, karanglembu, parangdahono mongal, jagung miji emas, pari sumilah, rancak tengul, meliwis mukti, sata gondowangi, and 5 other motifs that carry the potential of agro in Bojonegoro like star fruit, bark, mango,  banana, and roselle. Sang Engon Njono Puro workshop also sells various kind of wooden craft and accessories for home decoration.

Sang Engon Njono Puro workshop is full with orders of Jonegoroan Batik cloth because this workshop serves batik clothes for the official uniform schools and uniform offices in Bojonegoro. Besides on that, this workshop also supplies drawing batik, silk batik fabric, and batik shirt both for men and women.  Even, the ordering of Jonegoroan batik in this workshop also comes from out of town. Mak Ni, the owner of Sang Engon Jono Puro said that the products of this workshop have been famous in Bojonegoro because the color of this kind of batik is so bright and suitable for adults and students.

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Please visit:

Mrs. Mak Ni
Jono Village, Temayang District
Bojonegoro – East Java
Mobile: +62 853 3008 1685

or you can visit this showroom at Dekranasda Bojonegoro, Dekranasda Provinsi, or Juanda Batik Building.

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