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Terms like "vintage diamond engagement rings", "estate diamond engagement rings" and "antique diamond engagement rings" are frequently heard these days.
But, there is a lot of confusion among people about their actual meaning, and unknowingly often these terms are used interchangeably. However, there is no rocket science and these are just the simple terms if understood properly.
- Antique Engagement Ring: These are the engagement rings that are more than 100 years old.
- Estate Engagement Ring: It means previously owned by someone else. Here, I am not talking about vintage-inspired replica engagement rings manufactured by modern jewelers.
- Vintage Engagement Ring: It's a blanket term for engagement rings from specific and popular eras - like "Victorian”, "Art Deco", "Art Nouveau" and "Edwardian".

So, engagement rings from above-mentioned vintage eras will also fall under "Estate" category, because rings from these eras would have obviously been owned by someone. Also, Victorian and Edwardian engagement rings can be classified under "Antique" as well (100+ years old).

Typically from period jewelry perspective, vintage engagement rings can be categorized under following (you may click individual links to know more details):
- Victorian Engagement Rings
- Art Deco Engagement Rings
- Edwardian Engagement Rings
- Art Nouveau Engagement Rings

Old is Gold

This proverb applies more to engagement ring trends than to any other thing. Engagement rings from past eras are quite popular, thanks to the Hollywood celebrities opting for vintage-style engagement rings.
This new love towards antiquities has led to an increase in demand for vintage engagement rings. Admirers of heritage jewelry - and especially engagement rings - comprise a huge customer base. True patrons have such a penchant for heirloom jewels that they feel honored to be associated with an old-world craft-work.

Why you may consider buying vintage diamond engagement rings?

- It's a belief that proposing with an vintage engagement ring presents an added romantic touch to the proposal - as it is associated with someone else real-life love and commitment. It may sound like a cliche, but let me tell you, a vintage engagement ring is not just a symbol of love, it's the love personified.
- If you do your research well, you can get lucky and buy a vintage engagement ring at a comparatively lesser price than a newly created engagement ring of similar size and craftsmanship. This is because, in those days, mostly smaller diamonds - which are much cheaper than big solitaire stones - were used in engagement rings.
- If it’s not the sparkle and brilliance of round brilliant cut, but the beauty of rose cut diamond that attracts you, then you should consider vintage diamond engagement rings.
- If you like original antique pieces, then nothing will stop you from appreciating the uniqueness of vintage engagement rings and their delicate and detailed craftsmanship.

Handy Tips Before Buying a Vintage Ring

- Deal with only reputed jewelers for buying a vintage diamond engagement ring. They can guide you about different eras, and help you in choosing a perfect engagement ring. Also, dealing with reputed jewelers reduces the chances of getting cheated, because fraudulent practices are on rise and very much prevalent in vintage jewelry market. If possible, deal with jeweler (be it local or internet) who specializes in vintage jewelry and sells authentic pieces only.
- If you are hunting for an authentic vintage ring, then cross-check for terms like - vintage-inspired, vintage-style etc. This is because, these terms are used for modern jewelry stylized in vintage wrapper. So, always verify this before buying a vintage engagement ring.
- If you are buying from an individual seller then do check his/her background. If multiple similar rings are being sold by the seller as vintage engagement ring, then it can probably be an antique replica engagement ring. Because, in those days engagement rings were handcrafted, and each piece was unique. So unlike machine-made rings, there are very less chances of same-looking two original vintage engagement rings.
- You can strike a good deal if you can get the appraisal of engagement ring done. A certified independent appraiser will be able to tell you whether price you are asked to pay and the quality of ring are in sync or not. This way you will get to know the true value of the ring in question, and can avoid getting duped and losing your money.
- Think twice before buying a piece with a price far less than expected. Reason can be low quality diamonds that don't appear to be so. If you are buying a vintage engagement ring, then give proper consideration to its quality. This is because, I am sure you would like to treasure it forever and would always want to pass it on to your future generation.

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