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Walking to East Java may occasionally stop in Bondowoso for enjoying the natural beauty or the beautiful sights there or tour of culinary. Speaking of culinary tourism in Bondowoso, who is not familiar with souvenirs typical of this Bondowoso. Yes, there is tape typical of Bondowoso. Tape is sweet foods that make famous Bondowoso area in East Java. Bondowoso tape is made ??from fermented cassava choice and so well that produces a sweet taste and distinctive typical of Bondowoso. Besides on to taste, Bondowoso tape also has a unique brand name. There is a brand tape number such as 27, 29, 31, and 82. There are many other similar tape trademarks in this area. In Bondowoso there is not only as the sale place of the tape but also the central of tape production. Therefore, people in Indonesia called Bondowoso as “Tape City”.

Rows of tape and souvenir shops typical Bondowoso are located in Panglima Besar Sudirman. The average shopkeepers in the shops have had long struggled in an attempt of tape business. According to some shopkeepers, they do not know for sure who started the business. Clearly this family business has been done for generations. One of the businessmen of tape brand “Handayani 82” that famous enough in Bondowoso said that his tape brand with the number 82 is taken from the early years of effort tape business in Bondowoso, but in fact already made tape of his family long before that year because of a tradition. Beside on that, many brands of these numbers figure are also taken from the store address numbers.

Every day, tape “Handayani 82” is able to produce an average of one ton of cassava as raw material tape with 20 workers as craft makers of tape. If another shop selling the tape or the tape with grilled taste alone, in 82 stores you can find a variety of processed foods tape variants, including prol, muffins, wingko, brownies, cake, and the latest is bluder tape. Additionally, this brand revealed that a variant of tape food are much favored by customers is prol tape. Prol tape is dominant flavor with its soft texture prol, plus a topping of cheese and chocolate mises into alloys that fit on the tongue. Packaging of this product that made neat and luxurious look is also a value added. 1 box prol tape only priced Rp.18.000 that are quite affordable for all people. So, incomplete when going to Bondowoso without bring souvenirs of cassava as a distinctive food because Bondowoso tape already had a taste of its own. This is what distinguishes the production of tape in Bondowoso from another area, even arguably the sweet cassava of Bondowoso tape until now no one can match.

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