Author Topic: Agribusiness in Nganjuk, East Java – The Central of Manufacturer of Red Onion  (Read 1142 times)


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Red onion is a major commodity in Nganjuk and surrounding areas besides other commodities like rice, soybeans, and corn. Red onion seeds from Nganjuk are super with varieties of bauji and tajuk red onion seeds which these two varieties are proved resilient in the two seasons of both the dry season and the rainy season. Farmer groups in Sukorejo and Mojoduwur Village, Rejoso District, Nganjuk, develop varieties of bauji and tajuk red onion seeds that include a new category of red onion are more productive as an effort to increase the stock of commodities onion in Java. Farmers in Nganjuk also see the opportunity to farmed onions with red onion seedlings super as an attempt to help the government in achieving national self-onion.

Nganjuk is famous for the abundance of red onion. Total planting area reached 11,300 hectares. Varieties red onion both seeds and agriculture products from Nganjuk have been exported to the rest of Eastern Indonesia, even abroad. Management pattern plants here are also well defined. In Nganjuk, there were 400 farmers’ groups of chili and vegetables, including red onion. The local Department also actively engage in training to farmers. Red onion farmers in Nganjuk have also been using self-seed. Seeds are taken by leaving the crop. If 80 % is sold, then the remaining 20 % is saved for seed. In Nganjuk, farmers not only grow onions 2 times a year. However, there are 3 to 4 times for planting. This means that many farmers who apply monoculture.

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