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Hundreds of hectares of eucalyptus crops overlay Latin name Melaleuca leucadendra L, look all the way back to the Sidoharjo Village, Ponorogo .Eucalyptus oil industry is one industry that enough prospective besides teak industry in Ponorogo and surrounding areas. In Ponorogo, eucalyptus was planted in 1924 in Ponorogo district east. Eucalyptus seeds were imported from Buru Island which until now we know it’s called “The White Buds “. Sukun Eucalyptus Oil Factory (Pabrik Minyak Kayu Putih/PMKP Sukun) is located on the slopes west of Mount Wilis, precisely in the hamlet Sukun, Sidoharjo Village ± 11 km to the east Ponorogo.

Eucalyptus Refining Factory Ponorogo is one of eucalyptus oil factory in East Java under the supervision of Perum Perhutani in East Java. The factory is in the process of production or refining oil of eucalyptus leaves used in the process of picking directly derived from eucalyptus forests which are Perhutani forest with area of ??3200 ha. As for the remainder of production in the form of leaves yield pulp can be used for fuel in the production process which previously dried in the sun. Outcome of eucalyptus oil is sold domestic market and abroad. Existing development industry at the time is rising rapidly, so often there is competition between companies to one another.

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