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There are various kind of Sragen Batik clothes and fabrics in Dewi Ratih Batik shop, made from cotton and silk fabric. Dewi Ratih Batik is one of several SMEs in the Kliwonan Village, Sragen where the village is a tourism area of Batik Tourism Kliwonan Village that located about 12 kilometers south of downtown Sragen or 15 kilometers northeast of Solo. There are also many types of Batik, such as; handwriting batik, stamp (cap) batik, printing batik semi handwriting Batik and various beautiful motifs that have been known to the public. The Batik fabric in the shop has made by the owner workshop, so the quality is very concerned and the quality guaranteed.

Dewi Ratih Batik sells all kinds of batik in various models and techniques (print, stamp, handwriting) in the form of trendy shirts both men and women. Besides on that, this workshop also provides variety of Batik fabrics in various beautiful designs with motif original from Sragen. Dewi Ratih Batik sells batik cloth for kids and “uniform” cloth for family couple with unique motifs and designs. Furthermore, the best selling of Batik in this workshop is combination of handwriting jarik (traditional Batik motifs) because handwriting jarik has good density and not easily shrink when washed.

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Mrs. Watitik
Jl. Pilang Wirorejan RT 26/ 05 Pilang Village, Masaran
Sragen 57282 – Central Java, Indonesia
Mobile: +62 878 3638 8155
Webpage: ,

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