Author Topic: Moro Dadi Batik – Boutique of Solo Batik Cloth and Fabric, Central Java  (Read 667 times)


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There is many handmade batiks here. The Batik collections of Moro Dadi are good and unique. You can choose your favorite of various batik items with many colors and motifs in export quality. Moro Dadi Batik supplies not only variety clothes like shirt for man and woman, but also fabric products with various ethnic and beautiful motifs original from Solo area. The showrooms of Moro Dadi display batik clothes and fabrics tempts customers as they enter the house-cum-gallery.

All products are made by skilled Batik craftsmen from several Batik area.  Unique characteristics of this brand can be seen from the originality of design, quality materials and stitching quality. Let’s visit showroom of Moro Dadi Batik to see many Batik collections that can make you are different and more elegant with your Batik outfits. You can contact this workshop to order batik product in wholesale.

Hj. Nunuk Suparni
PGS Ground Floor B 06 No.50, Solo – Central Java
Klewer Market E 50 – 51 Solo, Central Java
Phone: +62 271 648 587
Jl. Haryo Panular No.9, Panularan, Laweyan
Solo – Central Java
Phone and Fax: +62 271 712 609

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