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Summer Jewelry
| May 02, 2016, 02:03:17 PM

There is nothing like a nice summer vacation. In a seaside resort city. Would be great to relax, sunbathe on the sand. Walk on the warm sand. Walks on the beach with friends. To dip your feet in the cool water of the sea. Immerses you swim in the sea. Spend a romantic evening with your lover on the beach. Such beautiful jewelry that you can use on nice days and all will be share with you. In the summer you can use for summer jewelry. We wear light-colored clothing in the summer. We have to wear these clothes matching jewelry. In the summer pearl, diamond jewelry is not worn. We should use summer-themed jewelry. Dolphin-shaped, starfish, heart-shaped jewelry … on which many beads, jewelry available in light colors. Summer jewelry is composed of vivid color. Summer jewelry, type the joy carries over. You can choose the an interesting summer jewelry design. All looks lively.

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Re: Summer Jewelry
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Summer Jewelry Trends: Time to Sparkle!

Summer is time for fun.  So for summer jewelry trends, forget your favorite pearls or your grandmother's cameo brooch.  It's time to sparkle.  It's time to shine.  It's time to be a little frivolous, even whimsical. 

Summer is big, bright, and colorful.  Flowers are blooming; butterflies are flying.  Your jewelry should be bigger, brighter, and more colorful than you might normally wear.  Wear a floral brooch with the petals made of colorful Swavorski crystals; wear a butterfly necklace. Do you remember your grandmother's rule that when putting on jewelry, you should put on what you consider the right amount, and then take off one piece?  Throw that rule out the window!  Be bold.  Sparkle.

Summer is a time for "baubles, bangles, and bright shiny beads."  You might want five or six bangles, complementing each other but not identical, to jangle on your arm.  Bangles come in a wide variety of materials and designs:  gold, silver, copper, wood, jade, chalcedony.  In some parts of India, the bride wears glass bangles at the wedding and the honeymoon lasts until the bracelets break.

In summer, you trade in your high heels for sandals.  Add an anklet for a colorful accent. An anklet looks best solo, but that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to one anklet.  You'd be amazed how many different styles and designs of anklets are available, from handmade anklets to bright beaded anklets to silver filigree. Have a selection and color-coordinate with your outfits:  carnelian or jasper with a red skirt, lapis lazuli with blue shorts, amethyst with a lavender outfit.

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Re: Summer Jewelry
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Summer Jewelry Design at Sea

By: Susanne Kathol

Make a splendid splash this summer with sea-inspired jewelry. Transport yourself to the beach ... dig your feet in the sand, listen to the sounds of the ocean and soak up the sun. Are you feeling more relaxed? Let this stress-free sensation serve as inspiration for creating on-trend beachy cool designs.

Surfacing in many different forms from sea life to shells, this style takes its cue from all things nautical. Fitting for the office, after hour get-togethers and special summer events, this jewelry direction is fresh and full of fun. Designers are combining sandy, wavy and scaly textures with bubble-like elements and an abundance of shimmer, iridescence and scalloped edges. And nothing says summer--long days and fun in the sun--like wearing a piece of the sea. Dive in and design this sought-after style with the following product suggestions and designs ideas for a sizzling summer at sea.

Sea Life

Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are dripping with starfish, crabs, fish, seahorses and all sorts of sea life. These charming critters liven up the season with their eye-pleasing symmetry and granular, smooth or scaly surfaces. Starfish make stunning focal pieces in collar and pendant necklaces, as they reflect the stars in the sky and symbolize rebirth and healing, due to their remarkable regeneration abilities.

Bring the tranquility of the ocean to jewelry by incorporating the colors of the sea. Design with blue-colored gemstones such as aquamarine and amazonite and varying shades of blue in Czech pressed glass, Celestial Crystal® and Swarovski crystal. Add movement and fluidity to designs with shell beads and cultured freshwater pearls twisted together, wavy headpins, three-dimensional Hill Tribes fine silver sea life beads and components and the never-ending flash of Swarovski crystal.

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