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Wire jewelry is one of the handmade products that addition is made and sold by many craftsmen, but also in demand by buyers. Handmade jewelry can even become an alternative jewelry from precious stones. But, why the wire jewelry becomes a trending? Well, this time we will discuss why. Some of the reasons might be the same as the primary reason for handmade products preferred. But there is also a unique reasons that are difficult you find on other handmade products.

1. The material is easy to find

On the seller's side, the material for making wire jewelry is relatively easy to obtain. Its main ingredient itself, namely wire, can be found everywhere. Some of the wire that you can find easily include copper wire, wire armature, or aluminum wire. Alternatively, you also can buy artistic wire which has a unique color.

Then, the tinsel and ornaments are also not hard to find ( although it depends on what you want to create ). If you really want to make a simple one, you can be glorious with the usual beads. Alternatively, you could also try to make wire jewelry using precious stones of which there are very many in Indonesia and lately more easily found thanks to the rising trend in agate. Or, if you want to make a premium wire jewelry, you can buy the expensive ornaments such as Swarovski crystals or something.

The materials which one you need really depends on what kind of wire jewelry designs you want to create. But, unless you want to make a premium wire jewelry, so you should have no trouble finding ingredients that you need. Moreover, because it is popular, more and more people who sell the raw material for making this wire jewelry.

2. The price is relatively affordable and economical

Connecting the points above, apart from easily available materials such as copper wire, aluminum wire and beads, are relatively inexpensive. This means that the price of production to make wire jewelry is not too high, so the selling price is also certainly not too expensive. With a capital below Rp 100,000 only, you can actually make a nice wire jewelry and salable (but of course this depends on how is your creativity)

Indeed, the selling price is still to be calculated from other factors such as the level of difficulty, a lot of material (wire) is used, the price of the materials used, and a lead time items. Of all these factors, one wire jewelry plain/simple to have around Rp 150,000, but the wire jewelry that is more elaborate and more expensive natural stone may have a price above USD 500,000. But anyway, the price offered should always be commensurate with the costs and energy used to make it, as well as cheaper than precious metal jewelry.

3. Super unique , original , and unbeatable

The first point that makes wire jewelry favored, like other handmade products. One wire jewelry products made ??directly from the hands of the craftsman from start to finish, and each wire jewelry craftsmen usually make wire jewelry based on ideas, creativity, and imagination of each, which is different than other people. In addition, each individual, including wire jewelry craftsmen, certainly has style, approach, and each touch. This makes each wire jewelry of each craftsman must be different and have a unique individual.

But the uniqueness of wire jewelry is not only up to that level. Because it takes a long time, the wire fashion jewelry will not  be made ??in large quantities. Even if made ??more than one, because from the beginning made ??directly by the hands of craftsmen, each product must have a distinctive of difference, despite referring to the same model. In other words, each of wire jewelry made ??by artisans is the only one in the world, and you certainly want to have objects that besides good, nor is there an exact replica ( even of the same craftsman ).

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