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Putri Lestari Batik is one of several SMEs in the Kliwonan Village, Sragen where the village is a tourism area of Batik Tourism Kliwonan Village that located about 12 kilometers south of downtown Sragen or 15 kilometers northeast of Solo. Government of Sragen established a center of batik as an integrated tourism area, which is named Batik Tourism Kliwonan Village. Kliwonan Village is also set to be the center of development, training, and marketing of batik product. In the beginning, motif of Sragen batik is synonymous with motif of Surakarta batik, especially in the ’80s, and it’s no wonder because for the pioneers in Sragen batik were generally used to work as laborers in the workshop of Surakarta batik. However, motif of Sragen batik is succeeded in forming a characteristic that is different from the style of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Putri Lestari Batik provides batik products with variety motifs of Sragen batik which is richer with ornaments flora and fauna combined with standard motifs like machetes, Sidoluhur, and so forth. Putri Lestari Batik sells all kinds of batik in various models and techniques (print, stamp, handwriting) in the form of trendy shirts both men and women. Besides on that, this showroom also provides variety of Batik fabrics that made from silk and cotton in various beautiful motifs. All products here are hand-painted by skilled craftsman in Central Java. This boutique also supplies ATBM (Asli Tenun Bukan Mesin) fabrics, which mean the fabric is made of weaving process, not machine fabrics and all fabric products are woven craft. This showroom also develop the garment business to another city of printing Batik cloth and fabric.Lately some of craftsmen in this workshop begin to try to spawn new motif contents record people’s daily activities.

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Mrs. Raminah
Jl. Pilang Wirorejan RT 22/04, Pilang, Masaran
Sragen 57282 – Central Java, Indonesia
Phone: +62 271 7082 170
Mobile: +62 852 2536 5647, +62 878 3516 6754

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