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“Gemah Ripah Lohjinawi”, Trenggalek, one region in East Java provides plenty of inspiration for the people in creating something which preserve the culture of the community can also help the economy. As well as the art of handwriting batik, antiquity of Trenggalek is very famous for its art of batik with Sekar Jagad motif. Sekar Jagat is one of Indonesian batik motifs which contains the meaning of beauty and fairness, so that other people will be fascinated when they see the beautiful motif of Sekar Jagad Batik. There is also assumed that the motif of Sekar Jagad actually comes from the word from Java language “kar” that has meaning “map” and “jagad” that has meaning “universe” in English, so this motif also symbolizes the diversity across the world.

Sekar Jagad batik art in Trenggalek is handed down from generation to generation among women association, especially in the Sumbergedong and Surodakan Village at the time. But now, Sumbergedong Vllage is only one to maintain this batik art. There is also a batik skills school that is headed by Mr. Haji Sungkono family. The beauty of Sekar Jagad motif has a special characteristic with the addition motif that shows regional characteristics of Trenggalek, there is cloves motif. Existing colors in Sekar Jagad batik have varies greatly because of batik production is emphasized for the manufacture of clothing. The color variation of this batik both cloth and fabric is derived from synthetic coloring that coloring of naphtol. There are two kinds of making process of this batik, handwriting and cap printing. This art has encouraged the “Sekar Jagad Batik” be a separate icon for Trenggalek. The price of this batik is varied and accessible to the public, depending on type of fabric and product. So, if there are friends, family, co-workers who ask, “What do I buy for souvenirs from Trenggalek?” Answer!!! “Sekar Jagad Batik”. And for your information, if they ask again “Where place I can buy this batik with best quality and beautiful motif?” Answer again “Of course in “Rahayu Handwriting Batik”, because this workshop always supplies best batik cloth and fabric with affordable price”

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