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Batik Tulis Lasem Sekar Mulyo is a trademark of Batik Tulis (handwriting batik) artisans from Lasem downtown area. This Sekar Mulyo Batik produces many Batik Tulis creations with variety beautiful and flashy motifs and colors. Batik Sekar Mulyo has been producing Batik for a long time. The Batik fabrics has many motifs, such as; Sekar Jagad motif, Pagi Sore (morning afternoon) motif, Latohan motif, Bambu (bamboo) motif and Baladewa motif. The most characteristic of Sekar Mulyo Batik is its red color which rarely found in other area (Pekalongan, Solo, Cirebon and Jogja)

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Batik Lasem Sekar Mulyo
Jl. Untung Suropati, Lasem – Rembang – Central Java

Ds. Babagan Rt.06/Rw.02, Lasem, Rembang – Central Java

Mr. Joko Sri Purwanto
Mobile: +62-81391-783299 / +62-82298-779903

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