Author Topic: Arthesian: Handmade Batik Shirts That Makes More Dashing  (Read 724 times)


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Arthesian a batik artisans from Jakarta who presented a batik shirt with a twist of modern man and another than others. What's interesting about this batik shirt is fit or cutting different with batik shirts in general, ie, modern fit. Modern batik shirt fit means the man will not be visible when worn loose or too tight, but tend to be slim or follow the natural body shape. With contemporary motifs, modern batik patterns presented with shades of bright colored youngsters. Using organic cotton and batik techniques, Arthesian creating batik shirt men with export quality in a variety of sizes to suit international standards. Price posted an average of Rp 400,000, including for the selection of other men batik shirt with a motif that is no less interesting. Make sure you wash this batik separately for the first time to remove wax that is used during the process of batik tasting.