Author Topic: Embroidery Shawl by Tarasa For Your Ethnic Fashion Style  (Read 336 times)


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The smelly ethnic things are now popular , especially in the fashion business. If the first ethnic style underestimated because it looks old-fashioned and unsophisticated, with creativity that continues to grow in the world of fashion, the smelly ethnic things shown more fashionable and modern. So, young people were vying for wear.

One fashion featuring ethnic style like today is the hijab or scarf. As we know, the veil is now recognized not only as a head cover. The hijabers getting smarter modify the appearance of the veil so that it looks fashionable and suitable subject to different types of events.

There are unique from the artisans of origin Banda Aceh . If you peek collection, this one many craftsmen make handmade bags smelling ethnic amazingly unique. However, of all the collection bag, craftsmen this one has a unique shawl typical of Aceh.

Made from black jet with a neat traditional Acehnese embroidery, ethnic scarf is very suitable you use to complete your look, whether it is used as a hijab or scarf . With a size of 188 × 109 cm, the shawl is priced just fantastic, that is Rp 500,000. Quite expensive indeed, but comparable to the quality you receive.