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Astari Putri Utami ( 25 ) and Zulfah Nurhanni Zulaimyta ( 24 ) in developing their business handmade batik shoes, ETC.CO ( Ethnic Collaboration ). Business on March 15, then turns one this year is the result of the hard work of two college friends who did not have a business background.

ETC.CO is unique because it uses a system of production that is non - repeated or limited . That is, a collection of shoes that are sold will not be produced again by ETC.CO. This was done due to Lauria and Myta from the beginning wanted to make customers feel special in using the product ETC.CO

The ideas will always come up with many ways. One of them with trying to learn a lot of the design of the designers must have been already launched products . Do not forget they also do a lot of the reviews by the customers or the immediate environment to continuously improve the quality of products ETC.CO and try to map out the market wishes course.

When choosing the right craftsman, they choose in accordance with the vision and mission, and they also go straight to go the selection of raw materials to be used. If the quality standards are also in accordance with what they want, then the new production will run.

Currently, ETC.CO still focus producing batik ladies shoes are sold through the online channel to reach all Indonesia. Their products have been sold farthest to Ternate and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Lauria and Myta really want to get the product can be used by many people in various parts of Indonesia. In the future, they are also planning to launch a collection of handmade products other than shoes, but of course remain with the element that characterizes batik.

Related the handmade industries, the owner itself see that the handmade industries in Indonesia is very rapid progress. Lots of young children or many other people who dared to produce a lot of creative and innovative, the quality is also getting better.