Author Topic: How to Treat The Original Titanium Rings Jewelry  (Read 417 times)


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Everyone who likes to collect jewelry whether for an investation and collection, especially for those who loves titanium jewelry, they would have to know how do they will treat their beloved one. Here is the keys to treat the titanium rings jewelry.

The bonding of titanium rings is one of the selection of materials of various types of rings available today. The enthusiasts of titanium rings are now become so big, silvery metallic ring has a strong resistance to sea water, chlorine, aqua, regia, and other substances that may destroye the dye of the ring material in general.

Even titanium has claimed to have staying power that is stronger than bonding alloys and white metal rings. The advantages of titanium rings is in terms of durability. Titanium has the same strength as steel. Whereas only 60 % titanium by weight of the weight of steel of the same size. Titanium also has a better fatigue strength than aluminum alloys. (

Actually there is no specific way to treat the ring material of titanium. You do not need to worry if the colour of titanium ring will change. If it changed to dirty, you just need to treat them by using soapy water or lime. It will work only for the original titanium rings, not for the ring material from mixtures of titanium and aluminum.

To find out if you ring the original, there are some simple methods that can be applied at home. Namely, by ensuring that titanium rings you have not sticky with magnets. The color of titanium is dark silver metallic instead of black or yellow as prevalent today. If you find a titanium ring with bright color, it can be ascertained that it is a titanium alloy.