Author Topic: Batik As The Icon of Indonesia Cultural Heritage Product  (Read 347 times)


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Well, who does not know which one 's craft. Batik is a craft that has a very distinctive and well known, both in the eyes of local people and foreign tourists. Because of the well-known and unique, batik to be recognized as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity ( Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity ) by UNESCO.

Batik itself has actually been around a long time and is frequently used community fabric for clothing materials. But, at the time of independence, the popularity of batik has faded as people started wearing western-style clothing. Then, enter the 21st century, clothing designers started to make innovation utilizing batik motifs and batik making a comeback until now.

Nowadays, batik is not always synonymous with traditional dress. You alone must have often viewed products batik fashion with basic materials, ranging from shirts and dresses, jackets, shoes, bags, and many more. In fact, since 2009, many offices either government-owned or privately set Friday as the day wore batik. These companies also even batik design specifically for employees.

You can now find the use of batik into a variety of fashion products that can make your style more cool. Call it the craftsmen shoes that cleverly incorporates elements of batik cloth into footwear products so that it seemed impressed ethnicity. You can also find this kind of shoes batik was also at the local craftsmen; such as, Divites Belle, ETC.CO, and Sigourney.

Batik can also further enhance the appearance of the many local artisans who create accessories with a touch of sweet batik. An example is the Wanni that watches batik, Nice Tiara with slick making batik bracelets, Batik Bowtique that make up the tongs batik brooch funny, there is even a Strawberry who created hair ornaments batik touch unsightly.

Not only covers the world of fashion, you can also use batik found in a variety of decorations that could beautify the room. For example, now many artisans who produce a variety of unique sofa cushions made of batik is very worth having, as of Batik 76, Lian Hua, Turkoois, and Annrie. So many products that make handmade batik as basic materials, the old impression that had pinned became lost.