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Sometimes nature sparks my creativity. Consider the night sky...a sweeping wonder of light from distant, spinning galaxies. Imagine grasping that light, compressing it, and placing the miniaturized glow around your neck! The Art Bead necklaces I make give reality to that beautiful wreath of captured light.

If a galaxy consists of gravitationally bound systems of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust and dark matter, my handmade necklaces consist of systems of equally remarkable seed beads, Swarovski Austrian crystals, quartz, topaz, pearls, emeralds, opals, citrine, rock crystal gemstones, and more. Much more! Handmade beads, natural stones and gems, gently molded glass--creativity stirs just thinking of what's available to work with.

And the colors! The stars are a long way off, and when you gaze at them they all appear white against the darkness. But if you look at photographs, the colors jump out. A galaxy blazes with color, and I've mimicked that beauty, binding tones of soft almond, topaz in multiple hues, deep amethyst, warm violet, earthen brown, rich gold, stirring reds, calming blues, titillating rainbow lavender, and greens that hurt your eyes with their brilliance.

Instead of gravity, I control my elements with strands of wire, artistic wire or silver. The artistic wire is especially great for shaping my creations into something out of this world! Several of my favorites include the Earth Crystal Pearl Fusion Bead Art Necklace and the Rutilated Quartz Vitrail Crystal Bead Art Necklace. Just as you would scan the night sky, scan through the website and get a look at these purely cosmos pieces!

Like the depth of space, the infinite variety of combinations I create with all the beautiful materials and colors available, takes my breath away. I think they'll take your breath away, too.

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