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Batik might be overly used with constant and that’s-it approaches, but it’s a whole different situation when the creation of batik is combined with fine denim that the new fashion will not only look good, but it will become trendy and last a lifetime. Batik on Denim, the name of new fashion is exploring the power of denim with the application of batik on top of it. The combination of batik and denim is simply brilliant, fusing two different elements with different characters and expressions together to create one product, cohesive flawlessness. Besides on that, Batik on Denim is now able to adapt to a variety of ages and also models of clothes and accessories.

Batikeling & Regawe Shoes is shop of Indonesian batik on denim that presents latest modern and trendy creations in the form of sandals, shoes, and handbags for man and woman who want to look more stylish with batik. Shoes, sandals, and handbags products of this shop combine the beauty of batik motif with the top of jeans material. Selection of jeans material and design model of product are also intended to make batik on denim can be worn in any occasion, formal or semi-formal. In addition to handbag, shoes, and sandals, Batikeling & Regawe Shoes also supllies batik shirt for man and batik fabric with ethnic and beautiful motif. The products come in a distinctive blue color denim and batik patterns that presented in streaks of white grayish color harmony in blue denim. Minimalist motifs with unique design tend to reinforce the impression of trend and elegant on product.

Let’s visit the shop and collect all handbags, shoes, and sandals with unique models

Mrs. Wahyu Haryanti
Cluster Purinusa blok E no 22, Binong Curug
Tangerang, Banten.
Mobile/WhatsApp: +62 858 6616 6015
Facebook: Regawe Denimbag
Instagram: @regawe_denimbag

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