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The Woven Fabrics: An Indonesia Handicraft
| July 26, 2016, 04:46:00 PM

Today, Indonesia has many craftsmen and various kinds of crafts and handmade products. But, of the many types of crafts, there are several craft very closely and is identical to Indonesia. In other words, when I heard of this type of craft, the name of Indonesia certainly had crossed in the head.

Besides synonymous with Indonesia, this craft can also be made ??into a wide variety of handmade products favored by both local people and foreign tourists. One of Indonesia crafts product is woven fabric. Unlike the batik is made by describing the candlelight on the surface of the fabric, this one is made by weaving threads into the material using non - machine tool.

So, like batik, craftsmanship one piece of woven cloth usually takes quite a long time. Songket also spread all over Indonesia, and each region has motifs and woven fabrics are unique and distinctive. Some areas are famous for tenunnnya fabrics include Bali, Minang, Toraja, and Lombok.

Generally, the woven fabric is usually made to be used as sweeteners clothing, upholstery / furniture gloves, as well as decoration in the house. But, just like batik, woven fabric This has also been used to create modern garments that often you use everyday from bags, shoes, to garnish even now there are many are decorated with woven fabric.