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Handcrafted jewelry adorned with Ruby gemstones, the month of July’s birthstone, has been accepted through the years as a symbolic fortune of love, passion and the ability to enrich one’s life. Through history the Ruby gemstone is revealed as a powerful spiritual deterrent banishing sorrow and disharmony. As well as offering protection from bad friendships and possible dangerous situations that life may throw at you. As an elegant gemstone known for promoting tranquility, centuries have passed and many people continue to wear July’s birthstone, the Ruby, never knowing its history. The antiquity and power behind this astonishing gemstone only accentuates the beauty this July birthstone has to offer. Handcrafted jewelry embellished with Rubies affirms a luxurious and opulent personality for any person wearing such elegance.

If born in the month of July, you are lucky enough to have a birthstone as beautiful as the Ruby. To wear handcrafted birthstone jewelry ornamented with Rubies will uplift your spirit. The collective history inspires artists to have a constructive imagination allowing this July birthstone to bring out the best in all of us. Jewelry’s enhanced with Ruby birthstones it proposes a vigor for life, revealing the artist’s imagination in every piece of handcrafted jewelry.

While diamonds are known as the hardest gemstone in the world, the Ruby is exceptionally hard as well, coming in second as the hardest natural mineral. July’s Ruby birthstone is found all over the world; 13 countries including the United States. The most expensive Ruby and considered the best color of red is the “pigeon blood red Ruby”. This gemstone is the brightest and most valuable of all Rubies. Most are known to be a dark red, but can also be known as almost pink in color. Though, if a Ruby does not meet a certain color criteria it will be deemed a pink sapphire, an elegant gemstone all its own.

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