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Women Association in Flats of Marunda is supported by local government to establish and expand women small and micro enterprises in business development of garment product, especially for baby stuff and cloth. Group of women empowerment in Flats of Marunda is able to manufacture baby stuff craft. By “Mawar Collection” as brand name of product and small business, women association in Flats of Marunda can explore their talent and develop their ability to expand better life, not only for their selves but also for improvement of state enterprises.

Mawar Collection provides various kinds of baby stuffs that are made of sewing and weaving process. All baby clothes here use good quality material and cotton fabric that comfort for baby to wear. Mawar Collection has been trusted baby store that provide various kinds of baby needs in affordable price. Mawar Collection baby stuff seller and distributor of baby clothes & accessories with handmade process, such as  home made mattress for baby, baby stroller, baby body works, pampers, baby diapers, baby carrier, baby bag, pillow bolsters, baby bed cover, baby shoes, baby blanket, accessories, hats, clamps, and other products.


Mawar Collection has sent thousands of packages of baby clothes and baby supplies to hundreds of customers in various parts of the archipelago. Mawar Collection also opens for custom order, size and material’s motif by customer request. Mawar Collection serves wholesale and retail. All products here can be exported in very affordable price. All the products are high quality, choose one the best for your baby.

Mrs. Dewi and friends
Rusunawa Marunda Cluster B Blok III First Floor No. 102
Marunda – Cilincing, North Jakarta.
Phone: +62 857 7778 6904

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