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101 True Fashion Earth produces contemporary ethnic accessories from stone, bone, coconut shell, and wood. In addition to being a reference of choice for women, fashion accessories of 101 True Fashion Earth is often used as a souvenir handicrafts from Surabaya. If the previous products of 101 True Fashion Earth are packed with goodie bag and paper craft, now product packing of 101 True Fashion Earth serves as a gift box that is easy to carry, store and protect the product as well as a medium of display accessories for exhibitions.

Mrs. Trully Nurul Evandiari , founder of SME (Small Micro Enterprise) 101 True Fashion Earth, said that they occupied since 2010 has now been developed. Early, she started the business in Bali. At that time, Mrs. Trully and her husband learned to make various handicrafts, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and so forth. The basic material to make ethnic jewelry accessories are used from natural products, such as wood, shells to bones. Starting from ethnic necklace, the design is now venturing into all kinds of accessories such as bracelets, earrings, belts, brooches, until the pin.

Now, there are a wide variety of products that 101 True Fashion Earth can produce, such as a necklace with a basis of precious stones. As for the production of each day, Mrs. Trully said she was helping her family, especially her husband and children. “We also have a couple of employees to meet the market demand every month,” she said. Currently, in addition to the order obtained from online media and social media, every month she had to meet the market needs of some famous stores in Surabaya. Mrs. Trully admitted, products of 101 True Fashion Earth are also in demand outside the city. In addition to requests from several outlets, 101 True Fashion Earth also has regular customers who order a souvenir original Surabaya every month. Besides on that, at this time products of 101 True Fashion Earth have been in demand to get out of the country.

Let’s visit gallery of 101 True Fashion Earth with thousands of souvenir products and other handicraft products

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