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8 Most Common Motifs in Furniture
| September 22, 2016, 04:34:37 PM
By: Abe Abbas

Have you noticed that many motifs have been used in furniture through centuries. They may be carved, painted, printed on upholstery or have other applications. These motifs continue to endure because they are inherently beautiful, and add to the beauty of the object they adorn.

Some of them have become symbolic over the years, and signify more than just shapes. They have stayed with us through the ages because each era finds different meanings, attributes, and ways of presenting them so that they have stayed fresh.

1.  Fleur de Lis

This has been a favorite symbol through the ages. Fleur de Lis which can be translated in English as the flower of lily, is a very French symbol signifying perfection, light and life.
It became popular when the French monarchs adopted it, and then found its way from the royal coat of arms to architecture and furniture as well.

2.  Pineapple

The pineapple was introduced in Europe when Columbus brought it back with him to Spain. It caught in popularity in other countries too, and the pineapple was very soon found in furnishings as well as architecture.
The shape of the fruit lends itself to many purposes, including as a base for the Stanley Stanley Furniture Charleston Regency Pineapple Martini Table featured here.

3.  Greek Key

The Greek Key pattern has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity lately. It consists of a decorative border which is fashioned from a continuous line.
Needless to say it has its origins in Greece, and was used by the Romans as well. It symbolizes infinity, as it can go on for ever.
Today it is admired for its geometric simplicity and can be found in furniture, fabric and rugs as well as wall decor and architecture.

4.  Peacocks

Peacocks have a very beautiful plumage, and their feathers are avidly collected, represented in paint, and are found on all sorts of home furnishings.
The bird has come to symbolize immortality and beauty. While popular for centuries, the motif really came into its own iduring the Art Nouveau period. You will see it on wall papers, vases, lamps, pillows, and rugs to name just a few.
This chair with a peacock on the back is from Pearson.

5.  Elephants

Elephants have graced furnishings for a while. The gentle curves of the animal lend themselves very nicely to surfaces such as pillows, wallpapers and soft furnishings. Elephant figurines and masks are also used when creating a tribal eclectic interior.

6.  Dragons

The dragon has been an important motif in Asian art, and gradually found its way to Europe along with other Asian influences. In Asian art the dragon can be found on folding screens, lanterns, chests, pillows, and scrolls.

7.  Quatrefoil

Just like Fleur de Lis, the quatrefoil shape is found in many places. You will see it in architecture, furniture, as well as jewelry.
The shape is made up of four equal sized leaves or lobes, like a four leaf clover which brings luck to its finder. It carries a sense of harmony and symmetry in its form making it useful for its many applications.

8.  Sea Life

Sea creatures such as fish, dolphins, starfish and seahorses have also fascinated people with their forms and colors. The seahorse is a strange looking yet strangely endearing creature and has come to symbolize friendliness and contentment.
You can find seahorses on pillows, lamps, and wall art.

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