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Lepo Lorun is craft center of ikat woven fabric that originated from Flores, NTT. Lepo Lorun is supported by local government to establish and expand women small and micro enterprises in business development of garment product, especially for natural tie dye, workshop ikat weaving, and textile tour. Group of women empowerment in Lepo Lorun is able to manufacture variety of ikat fabric and craft product that original from Flores. Through Lepo Lorun, Women’s Weaver Cooperative in Flores can explore their talent and develop their ability to expand better life, not only for their selves but also for improvement of state enterprises.

As one of well-known traditional and ethnic fabrics in Indonesia, ikat fabric from Flores has its special ethnic motif and color. It is fully handwoven and taking several months to make each fabric. The color of the ikat are made of natural sources such as leaves, woods and etc. Each motif has it’s own story and function for their tradition event in Flores. Eventhough actual color of ikat fabric from NTT is more dark color because it is made from natural dye, but Lepo Lorun also produces weaving pattern whose color is the original color of the leaves of plants. The ikat fabric products of Lepo Lorun have a different color pattern with other products of ikat fabrics in NTT. Besides on that, Lepo Lorun also designs following the latest fashion trends with the main material of ikat weaving original from NTT. In addition to ikat fabric and weaving craft, Lepo Lorun is able to serve various kind of accessory and ethnic jewelry craft, agro tourism, culture show, fashion, home stay, etc. You also can orders ikat fabric craft for your own size and designs.
Let’s support women’s weaver cooperative from Flores with buying ikat fabric products from Lepo Lorun

 Jl. Soverdi, Kav 1-15, Nita Pleat (Nita Village)
 Sikka, Flores – NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timur / East Nusa Tenggara)
 Mobile: (+62) 813 8588 9859
 Email: alfonsaflores(at)gmail(dot)com


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