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There is many handmade batik here. You can choose your favorite handwriting batik with many colors and motifs in export quality. The home of Sekar Ayu Batik is handwriting batik clothes and its special product there is gedhog fabrics that made from weaving process. The Sekar Ayu Batik products have unique method process with natural color material. This collection offers batik clothes and fabrics with natural and classic motifs mix. Some of the batik cloth products offered are shirt and t-shirt batik for men and women, uniform batik, and many more batik cloth products. Besides on that, Sekar Ayu Batik also supplies various kind of batik fabrics such as gedhog weaving batik fabric, silk batik fabric, cotton batik fabric, and ATBM (Asli Tenun Bukan Mesin) fabric with natural or synthesis dye color. All products both clothes and fabrics made by skilled Batik craftsmen with various colors and motifs. Find your style handwriting batik at Sekar Ayu Batik Collection. Please contact and visit this collection

Sekar Ayu Batik Collection
 Kedungrejo – Kerek – Tuban – East Java
 Mobile: (+62) 813 3070 9716
 Email: batikgedhogsekarayu(at)gmail(dot)com
 Website: batikgedhogsekarayu(dot)blogspot(dot)co(dot)id


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