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Balinese Clothes now become one of fashion products that much in demand by consumers. Balinese Clothes are not only used as a souvenirs for the tourists when visiting Bali, but many people are looking for Balinese Clothes that attracted by the model and beautiful motif. There is not denied if Balinese Clothes does have a style and character that is unique and not found on other clothes. The clothes are formal and semiformal that can give flexibility for the consumer to choose. Balinese Clothes not only can be bought when visiting the island of Bali alone, but for you who live in East Java area can also buy Balinese Clothes with good quality and reasonable price.

Dewata Fashion Bali is shop that supply various kinds of Balinese Clothes such as embroidery dress, t-shirt, and accessories typical of Bali. Dewata Fashion Bali also presents a collection of the latest Balinese batik tops with the present model and affordable price. Balinese T-shirt is perfect for casual appear, and suitable to used holiday moments or relaxing vacation at the beach. All products are made from smooth shantung fabric, so it does not cause heat sensation when wearing them.  Motif of Balinese Cloth in Dewata Fashion Bali is diverse and cool like motif painting beach motif, Dayak motif, the motif image of bicycle and barong motif. You can choose a variety of color options as you wish. All clothes and accessories from Fashion Dewata Bali Certainly will be very convenient to use when relaxing. So, let’s visit the shop or contact them for wholesale purchases

 Shop: City of Tomorrow (CITO) US 80.5
 Darmo Trade Center (DTC) Lt.3A No.8
 Surabaya, East Java
 Phone: +6231 7100 5088
 Mobile: +62 888 0340 1188, +62 812 5299 8330

For more info, please visit: