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Avoid Getting Taken When Selling Jewelry
| October 11, 2016, 04:38:46 PM
Selling gold and jewelry is an increasingly popular way to get cash in a tough economy. And one local buyer is hoping to help others two ways: by buying gold and donating a portion of what he buys to senior charities.

Brad Finsilver of Estate Buyers & Trade is hosting an event from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday and Monday at Gold’s Gym in Mesa, 2156 E. Baseline Road.

Donations will benefit Arizona Healthcare Association Foundation and Alzheimer Association, Desert Southwest Chapter.

“People are going through hard times right now,” said Finsilver, who does jewelry shows all over the Valley. He buys coins, metals and jewelry.

Finsilver said customers are under no obligation to sell their items after they are appraised. He will be buying gold, coins, sterling silver, gemstones and designer costumer jewelry.

Who is Estate Buyers & Trade?

The Scottsdale-based business is run by Brad Finsilver and his family, who are partners with Abbott’s Coins, the largest coin dealer in Michigan.

The family does appraisals, purchases and re-sales jewelry of high value.

“My family has been doing it for 30 years all over the country,” he said.

What is the current gold exchange?

Averaging $925 per ounce this week, an ounce of gold is close to being the highest in history, Finsilver said.

What should you know about gold and buyers?

Know the terms. Gold can be sold by the ounce, the troy ounce, the gram or the pennyweight. Some dealers won’t tell you which measure they’re using, so you’ll have no way of knowing whether you’re getting a fair deal. Sellers of personal jewelry and other items should ask if the price they’re being quoted is for the raw value of the metal or the intrinsic resale value of the piece of jewelry.

Finsilver said most buyers intend to melt down the gold and it will only offer the raw value of your jewelry piece.

If the jewelry has gemstones, make sure there is a certified gem appraiser available, otherwise you may not get as much for the item as it’s worth.

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