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Some Furniture Solutions for When You Move
| October 17, 2016, 03:22:01 PM
By: Abe Abbas

Moving from one home to another is often an emotional process fraught with nagging questions such as what to do with your existing furniture. Keep it or let it go?

While your first thought might be to move your furniture with you, you may find that it is not the right fit for your new home. Or, you may want to start completely afresh, but your budget tells you otherwise.

Every case is different, so there are no blanket solutions.

Many factors come into play.

1. Refurbish Furniture for a New Look:

Every home is different and calls for a different way to furnish.
You may want to consider refurbishing your furniture, especially if it has good bones. Refinishing, a new coat of paint, new hardware, the options are endless. You may even want to consider reupholstering a sofa or chair that has a quality frame.

2. Re-purpose to Find New Uses:

Re-purpose some of your furniture to find new uses for existing pieces. Simply placing an old piece in a new context gives it a new feel.

3. Sell it Off:

Hauling all your furniture to the new home is not a good idea if it is not the right fit for it. Not all furniture is worth holding on to or keeping forever.
Sell it off before you move. There are many ways to it. You can hold a yard sale, sell it online, or place in a consignment store. Remember that upholstered furniture usually doesn't sell for too much, unless it is in very good condition or a good brand.

4. Give it Away:

Many charities will take your used furniture. Again, upholstered furniture might be a problem if it is stained, torn or otherwise damaged. Used furniture can also be donated to furniture banks, shelters, etc. Local community theaters and school drama clubs might also accept donations.
A friend or acquaintance may also have use for furniture that you do not want to take to your next home. Ask around before you dispose of it.

5. Put it in Storage:

If you are moving to a temporary home, then putting your furniture in storage makes sense. Especially if it is quality furniture that won't be so easy to replace.
There are many storage centers that let you rent storage space. This will cost money, so make sure that storing the furniture is worth the cost. Also make sure that you clean your furniture and use protective covering before you place it in the storage unit. Temperature controlled units will help safeguard your furniture against mold and mildew damage.

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