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Matralegno is a company founded in 2012 is engaged in the goods and services of interior design. Furniture that manufactured by Matralegno are including sofa, armchair, console, mirror, table, credonza , home decor accessories, etc. Matra itself is a Sanskrit word meaning “measure”, size, resolution, and dimensions. In accordance with the desire of this company as a designer, Matralegno wants to provide an atmosphere, a style that suits the personality customer with product of furniture that has the size, dimensions in accordance with the room, ergonomic size for the wearer.

Make your space uniquely yours with unparalleled contemporary furniture selection only on Matralegno store. With experience dividing furniture and interior design for 10 years, Matralegno has always tried to not give the best service and products. Decorate your space with stunning collection of home décor in Matralegno, and find the ideal items to create living space you’ll love. Let Matralegno arrange your living space.

 Jl Babatan Pratama Gg XXIII, Blok QQ-55, Surabaya.
 Phone: (+62) 31-7520229
 Fax: (+62) 31-7535385
 Mobile: (+62) 851 0018 3123
 Email: matralegno(at)gmail(dot)com, info(at)matralegno(dot)com

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