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Known as the city of heroes, Surabaya is also famous for its tourist destinations. This second largest city in Indonesia attracts thousands of people to visit the city during holiday and spend their spare time visiting historic places and enjoying amusements offered by the city. Surabaya is the official capital of the East Java province which has become the Metropolis city with numbers of diversities among the people, cultures, habits and way of living. Surabaya has functioned as an industrial, commercial, maritime, education and government city. This multi-function policy has required Surabaya to provide land for industrial areas and infrastructure support facilities.

Commercial trading in Surabaya has an important role for the development of Eastern Indonesia, and especially for East Java. The primary trade activities covering the large area from the port in the north to the city center is wholesale trading of products. Therefore, Surabaya has market place and souvenir center to promote Surabaya Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the wholesaler and retailer of local products. To develop Surabaya SMEs, government builds Surabaya SMEs Centers in some strategic spot at the heart of Surabaya. Under the Trade and Industry Department Surabaya City Government, Surabaya SMEs Center promotes and provided various kinds of souvenir products, such as Fashion, Food and Beverages, Home Decoration, Handicraft, Accessories, Beauty and Body Works product, Furniture, Garment and many more. Surabaya SMEs Center has expected to become ‘one stop shop’ building for local and international customers who want and need to buy the Indonesia products, especially Surabaya products.

To complete trip during in Surabaya, there are four SMEs Centers where providing various kinds of local products. Some of Surabaya SMEs Centers are placed in public shopping center, while the others are placed in SMEs Center Building itself. Visitors do not need to be confused to find a place to buy souvenirs. The largest Surabaya SMEs Center is located in Ir. H. Soekarno St. Number 11 (MERR) in the eastern region of Surabaya. There are more than 170 SMEs here. The other SMEs Centers in Surabaya are Tunjungan City SMEs Center, Mall ITC SMEs Center, and Mall CITO SMEs Center. You can find many things at Surabaya Souvenir Centers, from the handicrafts, traditional clothing; including many batik collections, shoes, bags; and of course the food. So, come and visit Surabaya Souvenir Center, It will spoil your eyes and offers you a huge of unique souvenirs as far as you can see!

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