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Batik is one of the Indonesia’s cultural works already famous to foreign countries. Almost every area of this country has a batik handicraft centers, especially the island of Java and its surroundings. Batik handicraft centers become cultural tourism destination much used by tourists both from within the country and abroad themselves. Madura island which lies adjacent to Java, it also has several centers of batik. One of them is located in Bangkalan Regency, precisely in Tanjung Bumi District, there are batik handicraft centers with named “Telaga Biru”. This tourist village has become a gathering place for merchant batik artisans also since many years ago.

Tanjung Bumi is a center of batik in Madura, precisely located in Bangkalan. Tanjung Bumi Batik is famous with motif more unique when compared to Madura batik from other districts. Batik patterns tend to be more nuanced Madura, and characterized by red, yellow, green, or one of the three on each batik. Tanjung Bumi Batik motifs are dominated by what is in the surrounding nature such as plants and animals. And last but not least, the manufacturing process is more detailed than others. Tanjung Bumi Batik that comes from this village has a batik motifs coast that is famous for the use of color – sharper colors like red. This is different to the type of land that have a batik motifs and colors are muted. Tanjung Bumi that located in coastal areas represent the soul of the art of batik artisan coastal open and bold with the outside world.

Batik that very well known in Tanjung Bumi is “Batik Gentongan”. Price of “Batik Gentongan” is quite expensive. “Batik Gentongan” has profound value of tradition Madura. Why is it called “Batik Gentongan?” Because the coloring process is done by immersing the batik cloth into the container of the barrel during the manufacturing process. Soaking process conducted for the dyeing process is also to eliminate the rest of the night as well so that the color is more durable and last for years. To know more about “Batik Gentongan” and its beautifulness, let’s come to this batik centers or Department of Cooperative and Small Medium Enterprises in Tanjung Bumi, Bangkalan. You will see many batik collections of “Batik Gentongan” with different design and look more elegant.


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