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Known as agriculture and plantation crops, Banyuwangi that located in East Java province has many snack manufacturers, one of them is Mawar Indah Snack. Mawar Indah is the supplier of snacks products from Banyuwangi. There are many kind of healthy snacks and chips here. You will find the banana chips, sweet potato chips, yam chips, tempe chips, dragon fruit chips, jackfruit chips, and many more chips and snacks. All chips and snack products of Mawar Indah are processed and hygienically packed, so all snacks here are useful for health and rich in fiber.

Mawar Indah also offers various healthy food of Indonesia. This manufacturer has operated since years ago and has trusted by many buyers, both local and international. It because all snacks produced from fresh fruits and healthy ingredients. To maintain the quality of snack and chips, some craft makers avoid using bulk oil when frying product. All snack and chips product are very suitable for food souvenir when you visit at Banyuwangi town. So, chips product is one of recommended souvenir that you should take home when you visit Banyuwangi.

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Mr. Abdul Majid Firdaus
Jl. Denpasar No. 23, Kalipuro, Banyuwangi – East Java
 Mobile: +62-85334102953

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